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Ageing in Place

What is ageing in place? Ageing in place is a term used to describe a person living in the residence of their choice, for as long as they are able, as they age.
This includes being able to have any services (or other support) they might need over time as their needs change.

In the quest to prevent ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’ in the home, Redilight has developed the Redilight DaySafe as a purpose built lighting system that provides ‘Free Lighting’ during the day, brightening up the main paths of access and dark areas throughout the home, making living at home safer!

It’s known that our precious elderly are very hesitant to turn lights on, especially during the daytime. So, Redilight DaySafe will automatically take control of these areas and provide free light to these dangerous ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’ hotspots! Making the main paths of access through the home brighter and safer!

For more information on the Redilight DaySafe system, or custom kit configurations, please contact us on 1300 214 981.

DS-75 for Small Unit – Kit Configuration

1 x 75 Watt Solar Panel Kit
2 x 12 Watt Skyfixtures
1 x 24 Watt Skyfixture

Solar lighting configuration for townhouses and apartments and units

DS-150 for Medium House – Kit Configuration

1 x 150 Watt Solar Panel Kit
4 x 12 Watt Skyfixtures
2 x 24 Watt Skyfixture

Solar lighting layout for three bedroom house

DS-250 for Large House – Kit Configuration

1 x 250 Watt Solar Panel Kit
5 x 12 Watt Skyfixtures
4 x 24 Watt Skyfixture

Solar lighting design for large family home combining 24 watt light and 12 watt light and 250 watt solar panel

REDILIGHT’S DAYSAFE - Assistive Technology & Home Modifications

Redilight’s DaySafe is an Assistive Technology Australia recognised lighting solution that combines modern design with peace of mind for persons with mobility issues.

The DaySafe is designed to provide “free lighting” to dark spaces and the main traffic-able areas around the home to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.

By ensuring a well-lit living environment, the DaySafe enables persons with reduced mobility and impaired vision to remain in their own homes longer – combining psychological comfort with physical safety.

It really is the ideal and cost-effective lighting solution for the elderly or infirm.


Assistive Technology Australia (ATA) (previously, Independent Living Centre NSW) is a leading information, education, and advisory centre for Assistive Technology and the Built Environment. ATA are located in Westpoint Blacktown, NSW Australia and are a not-for-profit, community based organisation and Public Benevolent Institution.

They provide impartial advice, information and leadership that builds capacity and optimises the value of assistive technology in leading a life of choice.

To learn more, visit their website here – https://at-aust.org 


Redilight’s solar panel LED lighting system captures free energy from the sun to efficiently power LED light fittings throughout the home.

This clever skylight alternative is more adaptable and less obtrusive than old-fashioned tubular and shafted skylights.

One solar panel can be linked to multiple light fittings ensuring that the challenges of multi-level dwellings, complex roof lines and structures are easily resolved.

And don’t worry about the water proofing, insulation and security concerns that affect traditional skylights – they are simply not an issue for the compact Redilight solar powered lighting system.

Manufactured using only the highest quality components, the entire Redilight range is backed by our industry-leading warranties that guarantee their performance for years to come.

Ready to learn more? Discover the full range of Redilight products now.


Redilight’s energy efficient light fittings come in a variety of finishes, shapes, sizes and hues to enhance the design and décor of any room.

From the larger, open-plan areas of the modern home to smaller confined spaces like hallways and bathrooms – Redilight has the LED light fitting to meet your needs.

Manufactured using only the highest quality components, the entire Redilight range is backed by our industry-leading warranties that guarantee their performance for years to come.

Ready to learn more? Discover the advantages of Redilight’s energy efficient lighting fittings now.


Unlike traditional skylights, Redilight’s skylight alternative delivers even when the sun is down with our unrivaled lighting options.

Our Day-Night Kit will enable you to simply and seamlessly alternate between power from the solar panel and the grid when required.

It really is the smart solar powered lighting system that complements the modern Australian lifestyle.

Ready to learn more? Discover the advantages of Redilight’s smart LED lighting system options now.


Our friendly sales and technical teams are always eager to help you find the right Redilight skylight alternative to solve your lighting problems.

Ready to get in touch? Discover our contact options now.


  • No roof penetrations, therefore: – No water leaks. No storm damage. No fire restrictions. No security (ingress) problem. No heat losses or gains. No compromising of the roof structure

  • Multiple rooms lit from a single solar panel
  • Faster, easier installation
  • Can be switched off during the day.
  • High light output in single or multi storey homes units
  • Designed Extra Low Voltage, DIY and safe to use
  • Optional Day/Night use
  • Shaftless, No bug corpses


  • Free to operate
  • Available in Warm white and Daylight
  • Can be switched off during the day
  • Can be used from the grid at night (Optional)
  • High light output
  • Multiple Skyfixture options
  • Exceptional warranty
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