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Central Park Apartments


Apartment lighting design is set to change forever following a world-first collaboration between Redilight and trailblazing building company Zink Constructions and Skyvac Skylights.

Redilight’s innovative solar-powered skylight alternative has proven an industry game-changer for the recently completed Central Park apartment complex in Mittagong, on the New South Wales southern highlands.

The new five story development features a total of 37 apartments – each fitted with Redilight SkyFixtures to provide free light to otherwise dark areas in each apartment.

It means new residents can enjoy their stylish, new living spaces without resorting to costly traditional lighting powered by the electrical grid.

Redilight Director David Boland oversaw the design and implementation of Redilight in the Central Park apartment complex with Zink Constructions and Skyvac Skylights.

He believes Redilight will now increasingly become the go-to lighting solution for apartment buildings and multi-story building projects.

“No-one has ever been able to install skylights in apartments before, but Zink and Skyvac have joined forces with Redilight and supplied 150 Skylight alternatives to 37 apartments over five levels,” Boland said.

“These companies have thought outside the box in an effort to deliver more for their customers and Redilight was there every step of the way.”

How it works

Redilight’s solar-powered skylight alternative powers LED light fittings via strategically positioned solar panels on the building roof. This simple, yet innovative technology, delivers solar powered lighting throughout the day without the construction complications and intrusiveness of traditional skylights.

The efficient design means there is no impact on living spaces and cluttered roof spaces that come with a traditional skylight tube.

The adaptability of installation – with varying light positions and user demands – means it is perfect for structures such as the Central Park apartment complex and provides a unique lighting solution for every space.

The range of lighting hues also ensure Redilight Skyfixtures complement the look and feel of the building – be it a crisp and modern feel of cool white light, or a more homely, traditional touch of warm white light.

David Boland explained, “The nature of apartment buildings, often with many rooms that don’t receive light from windows, means there will be dark areas that need to be addressed to ensure maximum lifestyle enjoyment and for safety reasons.”

He added, “Redilight is the perfect solution for this as it can be installed almost anywhere without interfering with the building structure and delivers light all day long for free through the solar panels.”

A Custom Lighting Solution for Every Apartment

With Central Park featuring various apartment sizes and floor plan challenges, Redilight’s wide range of Skyfixture options ensured a solution for every space.

The installation saw a combination of Redilight’s 12 watt and 24 watt recessed light fittings implemented to brighten key living spaces in each apartment.

Redilight Skyfixtures were strategically installed in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and entryways across the two and three bedroom lay-outs and expertly positioned to ensure maximum light coverage.

David Boland explained, “We took great care in assessing the floor plans and designs and chose the right Redilight Skyfixture and the right position to brighten those rooms.”

“Redilight can tackle all types of darkened rooms because of the range of Skyfixture options and the flexibility of the installation position in the ceilings – you cannot do that with traditional skylights.”

Redilight’s Simplicity Makes Big Commercial Jobs Easy

You’d be forgiven for thinking that installing over 150 Redilight Skyfixtures would be a daunting task – not so according to Redilight Director David Boland.

He explained the Redilight’s simple design features and flexibility meant that it was easily incorporated into the building’s existing structures – including roofing, risers and ceiling spaces.

Even the more impressive with over 1000m of cable bringing the entire project together – combining 4mm and 1.85mm cable to ensure consistent voltage and brightness to each light in the complex.

“The builder on the project previously worked with Redilight in houses and understood what Redilight could bring to this larger job, bringing the cabling from the solar panels on the roof to each apartment was very efficient by utilising the building’s riser to each floor and then branching off to each light,” Boland explained

“With a traditional skylight you would have to encroach on living or common spaces to bring the light in – that is not the case with Redilight where the connections work easily within existing services spaces. All the residents are left with is an outstanding quality light fitting that brightens any room or space in the complex that is desired.”

250 watt solar panels with 24 watt square LED lights at Central Park Mittagong

Redilight Brings Style, Comfort and Functionality

The Central Park apartment complex is set amidst the village of Mittagong, with its art galleries and performing arts centres, award winning cafes and restaurants, and an eclectic specialty shops.

The stylish design of the Redilight range accentuates the clean and modern design of the apartments and building and complements the furnishings and decor of the building’s new residents.

David Boland explains the final effect ensures designers, builders and residents are all equally happy with the benefits of Redilight.

“We have always been conscious of the aesthetics of Redilight components to ensure the product is stylish, modern and complements architectural and building designs,” David Boland explained.

“The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive concerning the look and feel of the Redilight Skyfixtures in the Central Park complex. I believe that once more designers and builders see how simply and smoothly Redilight can be incorporated into their lay-outs – and the quality of light it delivers – there will be plenty more Redilights in multi-level structures across Australia.”

Solar Lighting A Plus For Property Value

It’s undeniable that potential investors and residents are seeking environmentally friendly innovations in new properties.

This is where Redilight’s easy-to-install, solar-powered skylight alternative brings additional market benefits beyond its consistent and efficient lighting.

David Boland states, “It’s clear there are demands in the market for environmentally beneficial lighting and design features in modern buildings. That green tag is very important for selling off the plan and for investors when they come to find tenants and reselling at a later date.”

Easily Retrofitted to Existing Structures

It’s not just new builds in the construction phase that can benefit from the versatility of Redilight. The simplicity of installation means that even existing structures can easily bring Redilight into a range of areas.

Boland explained, “Basically, any structure where you can feed a cable to a room then you can have the benefits of a Redilight system. It can utilise the existing risers and cable pathways – be it in individual rooms or offices or in common areas like hallways, foyers and lobbies.”

“It also a great solution for storage areas and the like. There really is no need to be running expensive lights off the grid 24 hours a day anymore.”

Discover How Redilight Can Work For Your Next Project

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