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How Much Does It Cost For A Skylight? Consider The Alternative.

By August 27, 2019February 7th, 2022No Comments
How Much Does It Cost for A Skylight

When considering how much does it cost for a skylight many Australian homeowners are stunned by the savings of an alternative like Redilight.

Redilight’s solar-powered skylight alternative is winning fans across Australia by providing cost-effective lighting solutions with an emphasis on style and comfort with the option of a DIY kit.

Unlike traditional skylights, Redilight is easy-to-install in almost any house type or location – meaning you avoid the labour and materials costs that can see traditional skylight costs blow out.

Redilight’s clever designs also avoid all the potential pitfalls of traditional skylights, such as leaking roofs, weather damage and costly structural complications.

So when considering how much does it cost for a skylight, your best option may be no skylight at all.

How does Redilight work?

Redilight’s solar-powered skylight alternative sources light energy from a strategically placed solar panel direct to one or multiple Redilight Skyfixtures in your home.

Our range of stylish Skyfixtures emit light in a range of hues and brightness’s via the latest LED lighting technology.

This simple-yet-effective design means you draw the benefits of free light from the sun in any room of the house – be it on multiple floors or in tight spaces that traditional skylights simply will not reach.

There is a Redilight to suit every style and every need in the modern Australian household and the system can be upgraded simply and conveniently to include additional lights as you need.

Best of all, Redilight achieves this for just a fraction of the cost for a skylight.

Save money with Redilight’s renowned strength and reliability.

Have you asked yourself, how much does it cost for a skylight in a exacting environment like Australia where summer storms and droughts play havoc with glass and seals.

Redilight’s solar-powered skylight alternative is designed in Australia and made with only the highest quality materials to ensure it can withstand the rigours of our climate – rain, hail or shine.

With Redilight there is no risk of expensive roof leaks, structural weakening or loss of insulation that can impact upon a traditional skylight.

Our industry-leading warranty delivers you the confidence that you have made the right choice with Redilight.

Redilight Skylight Alternative

Our customers agree the alternative is better.

When considering how much does it cost for a skylight it can often be best to learn the lessons of those who have done it before.

Independent online reviews provide useful insights into the potential cost pitfalls of traditional skylights.

At Redilight, we are proud of the excellent word-of-mouth and endorsements provided by our customers – they agree that Redilight is the smart, cost-effective lighting solution for the modern Australian home.

Discover more about Redilight.

Want to learn more about how Redilight can save you compared to the cost of a traditional skylight?

Find your local Redilight distributor with our convenient online search tool for a personalised assessment.

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