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Quality and Warranty An Easy Sell For Redilight Distributors

By May 13, 2019February 7th, 2022No Comments
Market leading warranty on solar power skylight alternatives

Residential demand is growing for Redilight’s solar powered skylight alternative as its market-leading warranty and quality componentry become more widely known.

Redilight Distributors across Australia are reporting increased interest and enquiries as the benefits of Redilight’s high quality Skyfixtures and solar panels generate snowballing word of mouth.

One such Redilight Distributor is David Julian of The Skylight Man, who has been selling and installing the Redilight range since Redilight’s launch in 2015

Boasting a decade’s experience in the industry and servicing the far north coast of New South Wales, including Byron Bay, Lismore and Ballina, Mr Julian can feel the increased momentum behind Redilight.

He said that Redilight’s warranty – including seven years on the Skyfixtures and twenty five years performance warranty on solar panels – is making it the brand of choice for solar-powered lighting.

“It is the type of technology that many people hadn’t heard of five years ago but it is now much more mainstream and I find customers are now specifically requesting Redilight,” he explained.

“I mostly do residential installations and a big sales point is the quality and reliability. I find that the warranty that Redilight offers cannot be matched by their competitors.”

“Customers want to know how long their lights will last and the warranty and after-sales support from Redilight really provides peace of mind for home owners.”

Redilight’s range is designed and engineered in Australia to meet the demands of Australia’s environmental conditions.

Mr Julian further explained that after completing a Redilight installation, he often returns for further installations in the same street or house once homeowners have experienced the consistent, cost-effective lighting provided by Redilight Skyfixtures first hand.

“I find my customers are recommending Redilight to their friends and neighbours. They will also ring me back to add more lights once they realise just how good it is in their homes.”

“Adding more lights is simple with Redilight compared to other brands because it has the ability to run multiple lights off the same solar panel – it really is a great feature that other brands do not match.”

With a wide variety of people living in the far north New South Wales region, Mr Julian noted the clean and simple design of Redilight suits the needs the region’s eclectic demographic.

“I have installed Redilight in a lot of different types of homes in this region – you get some big houses on the coast and a few more rural type homes inland and between the towns.”

“I’ve also done installations with home workshops and garages. Basically anywhere where people want more light Redilight will get the job done quickly and efficiently.”

He added that his role as a Redilight Distributor is bolstered by the support he receives from the Redilight team.

“The support I receive from the guys at Redilight is very good. I often receive orders from the factory in central New South Wales overnight.”

“The promotion done by Redilight is really kicking the sales along and I certainly appreciate that as a distributor.”

Redilight Director Joel Mulvenney explained that companies like The Skylight Man are a valued part of Redilight’s holistic approach from design and conception through to installation.

“At Redilight we are focused on partnering with reputable companies and David at The Skylight Man certainly fits the bill.”

“We are happy to have him and his company on board with Redilight and thank him for his support over the years,” Mr Mulvenney concluded.

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