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Get exclusive offers and products news with the Redilight newsletter

By October 30, 2018February 7th, 2022No Comments
Redilight newsletter sign up

We are excited to announce the new Redilight newsletter – your monthly guide to all things Redilight.

By subscribing to the monthly Redilight newsletter you will get exclusive offers, product news and blog articles to ensure you are across the latest developments across our range of Skyfixtures.

For existing customers, the Redilight newsletter will feature exciting product developments to upgrade or retrofit your existing Redilight Skyfixtures.

For distributors, the newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the benefits of Redilight – including helpful videos, new product announcements and innovations.

An exciting addition to the new-look Redilight

Redilight Director, Joel Mulvenney, said the Redilight newsletter is the next step in the company’s growth following the success of the new look Redilight rebranding earlier this month.

“As promised in our recently announced rebranding, Redilight is thrilled to be rolling out a series of new promotional and marketing strategies to engage our customers and distributors,” Mulvenney said.

“It is important that we are providing the latest information, innovations and offers in a convenient and easy-to-access format like the Redilight newsletter.”

“We believe our customers and distributors right across Australia will find plenty to like in the Redilight newsletter and the supporting social media channels.”

Don’t worry – we won’t flood your inbox

However, Mulvenney stressed that Redilight wants to make sure it isn’t bombarding its subscribers with unnecessary communications.

“We understand that email inboxes are becoming increasingly clogged and we respect our customers and distributors too much to be one of those companies,” Mulvenney said.

“Rest assured that our emails – including the Redilight newsletter – are going to be worth your attention.”

A new look Redilight website, online shopping portal and enhanced social media experience will also be rolled out in the coming months.

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