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Redilight Partners With Hire-A-Hubby

By June 11, 2019February 7th, 20222 Comments
Hire A Hubby and Redilight partnership for solar lighting installation

More Australians than ever before will have access to Redilight’s Skylight Alternative thanks to Redilight’s exciting new partnership with Hire-A-Hubby.

The partnership brings together two Australian-owned companies renowned for quality, reliability and improving the lifestyles of Australians.

Founded in 1994 and recognised as Australia’s largest handyman business, Hire-A-Hubby provides a wide range of handyman services for residential and commercial properties right across the country.

Their services range from small jobs to full renovations of bathrooms, kitchens and more – all areas where Redilight’s market-leading Skyfixtures can provide consistent solar-powered lighting.

Anthony Stevens, Hire-A-Hubby New South Wales Sales Manager, explained he is excited to help bring Redilight’s range to households in metro and regional areas that previously did not have a local Redilight installer.

“Redilight is a product that fits well with the work our network of handymen are doing. I am confident that it will be very popular with our clients,” Mr Stevens explained.

“Advances in technology are always appealing to us and also our clients. We can see the guys at Redilight have worked hard to ensure their products are always innovating.”

“It is an environmentally friendly product, with no roof penetrations and can be easily installed. We already do plenty of work with repairing skylight leaks and the like, so now our guys will have an alternative product to offer.”

“So we are excited to be able to offer Redilight as an alternative and assist Redilight with gaining a truly national footprint through our network.”

Redilight Director, David Boland, also welcomed the partnership with Hire-A-Hubby and explained more Australians will be now have access to experienced Redilight installers.

“We are, of course, grateful to our existing network of installers, but Australia is also a very big country and there were a lot of areas where Redilight did not previously have a local installer.”

“By partnering with Hire-A-Hubby, with their coverage that really is effectively everywhere, it will help Redilight customers find installers in their area.”

“We see ourselves as a high-quality product and Hire-A-Hubby is a high-quality business. It is a good partnership that will see more people benefit the Redilight range.”

Contact Hire A Hubby on 1800 803 339 for general, sales and distributor enquiries.


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