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Introducing the innovative Redilight Remote Control

By November 16, 2018February 7th, 2022No Comments
Home LED lighting with smart remote control functionality.

Redilight is putting the power in your hands with the introduction of the innovative Redilight remote control.

The Redilight remote control is the latest addition to Redilight’s range of smart LED solutions and enables the full operation of your Redilight Skyfixtures with a simple press of a button.

The easy-to-use Redilight remote control features a simple user interface that allows users to dim their lights, or simply turn the light on or off.

The Redilight remote control can also be easily retro-fitted to your existing solar-powered Redilight energy efficient LED light fittings in your home or office.

The Redilight remote control is perfect for darkening a home theatre to get that immersive Hollywood cinema feel.

Or, use it in the bedroom to set an intimate mood or to keep the lights low for those valuable weekend sleep-ins.

The Redilight remote control puts the power of Redilight in your hands.

The Redilight remote control meets customer needs

Redilight Director & Head of Product Development, Mark Hawley, said the Redilight remote control was developed to meet the needs of Redilight customers.

“Customers are always seeking more control of their Redilight light fittings and it is important to always keep up with the latest technologies.”

“We are confident that our customers will embrace the dimming and functionality controls in the new Redilight remote control.”

“The fact it can be retro-fitted to existing Redilight installations was also foremost in our thinking – we want to provide those that are already loving their Redilight with the ability to upgrade without the need to replace their existing systems.”

Works with our NDIS-approved lighting solution

Hawley also said the remote control expands the benefits of Redilight’s DaySafe lighting system – the NDIS approved lighting solution that combines modern design with peace of mind for persons with mobility issues.

“The Redilight remote control makes it easier for persons with mobility issues to operate their lights without the need to get up and go to the light switch.”

The Redilight remote control enabled driver is designed, developed and manufactured in Australia and comes on the back of an extensive product research initiative.

The future is bright with Redilight

Hawley said that Redilight is excited by potential future developments in its product range as the company continues to expand its product line amid continued growth.

“We are always looking at new innovations to meet the needs of our customers and distributors,” he explained.

“We welcome the feedback and insights we receive from them to help drive our future developments like the Redilight remote control.”

Order your Redilight Remote Control now

Ready to learn more? Contact us to make the switch to the Redilight remote control.

Or, purchase the Redilight remote control via our online store.

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