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The smart lighting solution for offices

Redilight is excited to announce the latest innovation in our range of smart LED lighting solutions – the Redilight Sunline.

The Redilight Sunline is a fully automated power management system for your Redilight lighting kit that seamlessly combines the cost-effectiveness of solar power with the peace-of-mind of a low voltage mains back-up.

This exciting innovation eliminates unwanted variations in lighting levels due to clouds and shadows – the Sunline system guarantees continuous regulated light levels rain, hail or shine. It even works at night.

When turned on, Redilight’s Sunline dual-gated power supply delivers a constant level of light to all fittings on the circuit by automatically supplementing the power supply with power from the grid whenever solar power decreases.

When turned off, your Redilight fitting continues to work with the traditional sun-up-sun-down effect you have come to know and love from the Redilight range.

The Redilight Sunline’s unrivalled efficiency means it is the cost-effective solution to office and residential lighting needs.

Providing Solutions That Customers Want

Redilight Director & Head of Product Development, Mark Hawley, said the fully automated Redilight Sunline is a natural extension of Redilight’s smart LED lighting solutions.

“The Redilight Sunline came from feedback we had received – we are eager to develop new products that meet the needs of our customers.”

“Redilight users wanted to use their solar-powered light at night time and that was why we brought in the original Day-Night kit.”

“The Redilight Sunline is a natural extension of that system and the next step in our mission of developing and delivering energy efficient lighting solutions for the home and office.”

“It is fully designed and manufactured in Australia to ensure it is of the highest possible quality and will deliver years of trouble-free light.”

The future is bright with Redilight

Hawley added that the Redilight Sunline is just the latest in Redilight’s unceasing drive for innovation and increased energy efficiency throughout their range of LED lighting.

“We are currently developing the next generation of smart lighting solutions to make use of the latest technological advances.”

“The next stage will be our Infinity system that will make use of battery storage in addition to direct solar power and grid back-up.”

“We are driven to delivering maximum energy efficiency in solar-powered LED lighting to save households on their electricity costs and benefit our environment.”

Order your Redilight Sunline now

Ready to learn more? Contact us now to make the switch to the Redilight Sunline.

Or, purchase the Redilight Sunline via our online store.

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