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Redilight is providing efficient solar lighting for apartments

By October 3, 2018April 4th, 2019No Comments
Solar lighting for apartment buildings

Inner-city development is booming in Australia, so it is unsurprising that Redilight solar lighting for apartments is delivering cost-effective results for developers.

Apartments and townhouses are filled with common areas that require lighting 24 hours a day – in lobbies, hallways, parking lots and utilities areas.

That’s a lot of juice from the grid and a significant expense for developers, managers and body corporates as the price of power continues to rise.

This is where Redilight’s solar lighting for apartments are increasing efficiency and decreasing costs, in both new developments and retro-fitted properties.

It truly is the smart, clean and innovative option for commercial developers rights across Australia.

Demand and up-take on the rise

Rob Carbone, from Rincom Technologies in Melbourne, has witnessed first-hand the ever-increasing demand and customer satisfaction from Redilight’s solar lighting for apartments.

“People absolutely love Redilight. We find that when we demonstrate the product that people are instantly impressed with the quality of light and the ease of installation.”

“I was the first Melbourne dealer to start with the product and the demand is just unreal in my area within the inner-city developments.”

“There is a lot of demand for Redilight in new buildings but also in retro-fitting existing buildings. The simplicity and flexibility of the product is truly taking hold and winning a lot fans.”

Reaches even the lowest levels

Rob said one area where Redilight solar lighting for apartments shines is in combating the lack of natural light that results from increasing density surrounding the lower levels of properties.

“A lot of properties are tightly packed in and that limits the effectiveness of simple windows on the lower levels of these buildings,” Rob explained.

“With Redilight that is no longer an issue because you can light up these dark areas without having the ongoing expense of traditional light fittings running constantly on 240 volts.”

A simple design with minimal impact

Since Redilight solar lighting for apartments does not use a traditional skylight tube design, Rob said that opens up further flexibility in construction and design.

“A traditional skylight to lower levels requires building space be allocated all the way to the roof through the upper levels. That takes up floor space and brings additional building costs and regulations into play.”

“With Redilight as long as we have a solar panel on the roof then we can guarantee light will reach the lower level areas without impacting on the floors in between or on the structure of the roof.”

“You can even use it in the darkest basement structures like underground carparks – that’s something that is very difficult to do with a traditional skylight tube.”

Redilight covers all the angles

Another major benefit is that Redilight’s solar lighting for apartments does not need a direct source of light to transfer the sun’s rays into usable light.

Rob said he has achieved unrivaled results by strategically linking multiple solar panels to overcome the moving shadows cast by existing roof structures and neighbouring buildings.

It is a solution he believes in so much that he has used it in his company’s new headquarters – truly practicing what he preaches.

“We have used the Redilight Day-Night Kits which allows us to switch between the solar and the grid. I can choose which source I want to use for the best of both worlds.”

“There is no difference at all between the quality of light and during the day I can run the lighting off the grid.”

“I believe that will deliver us a significant cost saving and return on our investment. Plenty of businesses would see plenty of benefit by making the switch to a similar set-up.”

Redi to learn more?

Discover the amazing range of Redilight products to achieve your own simple solar lighting solution via the links below.


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