The REDi-lite Hybrid Solar Skylight Alternative offers a green energy solution for light starved areas around the home or office and is becoming a product of choice for ever increasing high density housing environments where shading from other buildings encroaches.

The REDi-lite Spectra system can be installed in almost any location unlike traditional skylights where building structure and difficult roof lines can often dictate placement.

Installation is also a breeze, simply mount the solar panel on the roof then run the interconnecting cable down to your REDi-lite light fitting… It’s that easy!

Advantages of Redilight over Traditional Skylights

  • No more large unsightly holes cut into the roof which can compromise it’s integrity
  • Reduced risk of water and hail damage to property when severe storms arrive
  • Reduced security risk of intruders entering via the skylight shaft
  • Installation costs are reduced
  • For multiple lights it’s as simple as installing a larger Solar panel
  • Increases the efficiency of the home with no heat gain in summer or heat losses in winter.
  • Positioning of light fitting on the ceiling is not restricted due to framing structures, pipes etc.
  • No need to have a skylight and an electric light in the same room, a single 24 watt REDi-lite light can do the job of both when used in conjunction with the optional Day/Night kit.
  • REDi-lite has a range of round and square light fittings in both 24 watt and 6 watt sizes
  • REDi-lite also has two colour light output options, 3000k Warm White and 5000k Day Light.

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