Redilight Remote Control Kit

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Enables you to turn Redilight Skyfixtures on and off and adjust Skyfixtures brightness levels.

This Redilight Remote Control Kit includes:

  • 1 x Redilight Remote Enabled Light Driver
  • 1 x Redilight Remote Handset

Download Kit Specification Sheet and Installation guide

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The Redilight Remote Control Kit is the perfect add-on to a already installed Redilight Skyfixture which allows you to adjust the brightness and turn your Skyfixture on and off.

This kit features a Redilight remote enable light driver and a wireless handset with mounting cradle and buttons for:

  • On
  • Off
  • Brightness Increase
  • Brightness Decrease

Please Note: If you already have a Complete Kit or Skyfixture in your cart with the Remote Control Option already selected you do not need to add this as it is already included in your kit.

Check out the instructions here: Redilight Remote Control Kit Instructions

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Find out how our Redilight system works, just check out our demonstration video: Redilight Skylight Alternative

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