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Coming To North America: Introducing Redilight USA

By January 25, 2020February 7th, 2022No Comments
Redilight USA Australia's favourite solar skylight alternative now in North America

Redilight, Australia’s favourite solar skylight alternative, is going international after securing an exclusive North American licensing deal under the brand name Redilight USA.

Under the partnership, Redilight USA is  the exclusive supplier of Redilight’s market-leading product range through the United States, Canada, Mexico and other Caribbean and Central American countries – a market comprising over 550 million people.

Redilight USA will be overseen by John Hanley, founder of Washington based Sustainable Global Marketing Inc, who boasts over 30 years’ experience in skylighting solutions for homes and businesses across 70+ Countries.

Originally from Sydney, Mr Hanley was an original founder of Solatube tubular skylights in Australia and has successfully distributed solar-lighting solutions across four continents.

The partnership will provide greater purchasing power to Redilight in both Australia and overseas, and will drive further innovation in design, efficiency and product range to Redilight customers across the globe.

It will also see North American home-owners and builders have a viable alternative to costly and inefficient traditional skylight installations – and their unwanted impacts on building structures and insulation.

So you’ve decided on Redilight’s solar-powered skylight alternative and now you’re wondering if you really need a 250 watt solar panel?

Strong Partnerships A Cornerstone of Redilight’s Unrivalled Reputation

Redilight Director and co-founder, Mark Hawley, said Redilight is excited to bring its game-changing lighting solution to one of the world’s largest housing consumer markets.

“As a company, Redilight is delighted to have secured this partnership with Redilight USA and looking forward to our products lighting up homes and offices in North America, ,” Hawley said.

“Our focus has always been on providing the highest quality products that are supported by only reputable and knowledgeable suppliers and distributors.

“We know that by partnering with John Hanley under the Redilight USA brand, our company’s reputation is in the safest of hands and will continue to go from strength-to-strength.

“I am confident that home-owners, designers and builders in North America will respond enthusiastically to the energy-efficiency, modern design and simple installation of the entire Redilight range.”

LED solar lighting for living room

Redilight set to light up in North American market

Redilight USA will draw on the same innovative product range, innovation and design principles that have made it Australia’s market-leading skylight alternative – and this is something that excites its team led by John Hanley

He said he feels North American home-owners, builders and designers will embrace Redilight’s solar skylight alternative, market leading warranties and unrivalled safety standards.

“There are a lot of similarities between the needs of home-owners here in North America and our good friends in Australia,” Hanley explained.

“Australian companies are widely recognised as being innovators in high-quality products in the building, housing and construction industries and Redilight is certainly no different.

“The design research that has preceded Redilight’s entry into the North American market has been extraordinary and it really is at the forefront of energy-efficient lighting.

“Redilight has proven itself a winner in all climates from the snowy Australian alps, the extreme heat of the outback and the hurricanes of the tropics.”

“I know North America will be as impressed with Redilight as the Australians are,” he concluded.

Market leading warranty on solar power skylight alternatives

Why Redilight is Australia’s favourite skylight alternative

In Australia, Redilight has been at the forefront of the innovative lighting solutions for homes, apartments and offices since 2015 with its popular range of solar-powered LED lights – known as SkyFixtures.

Redilight Skyfixtures overcome the limitations of traditional skylights with a minimal footprint and strategically placed solar panels that ensure maximum light performance and the ability to traverse complicated roof-lines and multi-level structures.

The product range enables home-owners, designers and builders to identify a combination of solar panels and LED lights to overcome any lighting challenge – ranging from bespoke single room lighting, or upscaled to brighten large open-planned areas, or multiple rooms.

Redilight also offers a range of smart options including remote controls and our popular Day-Night kit for 24 hour lighting.

Founded in Tuggerah on the New South Wales central coast, and with an office on Queensland’s Gold Coast, the Australian-owned company has established a supply and distribution network across Australia.

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