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Is the 250 Watt Solar Panel Right For Your Home Project?

By October 29, 2019February 7th, 2022No Comments
Is the 250 watt solar panel right for your Redilight?

You’re ready to jump on board with Redilight’s solar-powered skylight alternative, but you’ve got one big question – just how powerful does the solar panel need to be?

Do you really need a 250 watt solar panel, or is that overkill? Is a smaller option – be it the 35 watt, 75 watt or 150 watt – a more efficient way to meet your needs?

There is plenty to consider when choosing a solar panel to ensure the best lighting performance, functionality and longevity for your Redilight Skyfixtures.

Having a brief understanding of what watts are, and how the number of watts in a solar panel can affect its output, is useful in making the right decision for your needs.

What Watts Are All About

In simple terms, the wattage is the measure of how much energy the solar panel produces to power your Redilight Skyfixtures.

This wattage is measured under ideal environmental conditions, including the amount of sunlight striking the solar panel surface.

Redilight’s range of solar panels are graded based on their wattage – ranging from a small, light and efficient 35 watt solar panel, right through to the 250 watt solar panel – the largest in our range.

This means the 250 watt solar panel can deliver a maximum of 250 watts to the Redilight Skyfixtures on its circuit.

So you’ve decided on Redilight’s solar-powered skylight alternative and now you’re wondering if you really need a 250 watt solar panel?

The Lighting Configuration Determines Your Solar Panel Size

The most important decision when determining which Redilight solar panel is right for you is the number and size (in wattage) of Redilight Skyfixtures that you need to run your mix of lights.

This will be determined by the size of the room and the lighting effect you desire.

The power demands of our Skyfixtures are also expressed in terms of wattage, meaning that you can tell, at a glance, whether your lighting configuration will run off a single solar panel’s circuit.

However, to ensure maximum performance and light output it is important that the combined wattage of all the Skyfixtures attached to the solar panel circuit is less than the maximum solar panel power output. You need a bit of wiggle room to account for less than optimal days, basically.

You can use our handy lighting guides to see common Skyfixture configurations to help you decide on your lighting set-up and then determine the suitable solar panel size.

Consider Where They Are Installed

Beyond simply making sure that you have enough total wattage to cover your lighting set-up, you also need to carefully consider your location when choosing your Redilight Solar Panels.

The orientation of your roof and overhanging shadow-making structures (like branches or eaves) can all have an impact on how much sunlight is available to the solar panel. The shadier an area, and the less time it gets direct sunlight, the less effective the panel will be.

Redilight solar panels have been designed to deliver best-in-breed low light performance, however, we still recommend a north-facing aspect as the best location to install your solar panel on your roof.

Regardless of the size of the Redilight solar panel you install you can rest assured that Redilight solar Panels are designed to withstand the challenges of the Australian environment.

Our range– from the 250 watt solar panel right down to the 35 watt solar panel – feature a heavy, duty anodized frame that resists corrosion to significantly increase its life span.

They also include heavy duty mounting brackets on the 150 and 250 watt solar panels (optional on smaller solar panels) that are rated to withstand the cyclonic winds of the tropics or the blizzardly winds of alpine regions.

Have more Questions About Our Solar Panels?

If you’ve got unique circumstances, or are still unsure on whether the 250 watt solar panel is the ideal base for your lighting configuration, get in touch with our helpful team to discuss your particular concerns or challenges.

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