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Redilight lighting up the great Australian shed

By September 28, 2020February 7th, 2022No Comments

For generations Australians have sought the simplest and best value lighting for their shed and Redilight is hearing the call.

There really are few things more Aussie than the backyard shed. It’s where we tinker, build, fix and experiment away from our nation’s scorching sun and soaking rains.

But usually without windows, and often without mains power, lighting these simple spaces has proved an ongoing challenge.

Thankfully, Redilight’s solar-powered Skyfixtures are the all-in-one lighting solution that is not only adaptable to any size shed but also easy-to-install.

Read on to discover why you should consider lighting your shed with the Redilight range.

A brighter shed is a safer shed

What are you doing in your shed? Maybe you are fixing up a car, crafting custom furniture, working with metal, or even running a seriously awesome trainset?

No matter what tools and machinery you are using, there is no doubt that a bright workspace is a safe workspace.

With Redilight’s solar-powered lighting solution you can bring the benefit of brilliant, bright light to make the job easier, quicker and safer.

The Redilight Skyfixture range can deliver as much as 3500 lumens of light from a single light fitting – that’s more light than produced by six standard 60 watt incandescent globes.

And if that’s a bit too much, Redilight has plenty of smaller light fixture options in the range too.

Even better, you can mix and match our Skyfixtures and solar panels to deliver the perfect lighting profile to suit your needs.

A Redilight lighting solution for any size workspace

As we’ve already seen, the sheds of Australia are as diverse as the people that inhabit our big, brown land.

Thankfully there is a Redilight solar-powered lighting kit to brighten your storage and work spaces no matter their size and function.

Want to flood your shed with a whole lot of light from the roof? Perhaps strategically placed, wall mounted light is what you need? Anyway you like it, Redilight can brighten it.

And because our Skyfixtures are easy-to-install you can be as inventive as you want without blowing your budget.

Simple installation without big electricians costs

If you love your shed then it’s likely that you fancy yourself as pretty handy with a set of tools and you’ll love the simplicity of installing Redilight yourself.

Redilight’s easy-to-install design requires no specialist tools to mount the solar panel to the roof and lights to beams and trusses.

And because Redilight is extra  low-voltage, you do not need to be an electrician to install any of our Redilight lighting kits.

Of course, if you are unsure about handling the installation yourself then we’ve also got our covered. We have a wide range of Redilight distributors right across Australia with years of experience installing our products.

Whichever way you decide, there is no doubt that installing a Redilight Skyfixture is a fraction of the cost of installing and operating traditional, mains-powered lights from the grid.

And with only the cable to feed through the roof, it will not impact the structural integrity of your shed like a traditional skylight can.

That means you can spend more on the tools and toys that make your shed the place to be on the weekend.

Redilight stares down the elements

Speaking of right across Australia, we know your sheds are battling a variety of weather conditions year-on-year and season-on-season.

Thankfully, Redilight was designed in Australia to meet the rugged demands of Australian conditions.

Whether you need our cyclone-rated mounting brackets to handle windy summer storms, or sturdy solar panels that lap up the unrelenting sun – Redilight not only survives, but thrives, in Aussie conditions.

And there is no need to worry about leaks, with our Dektite water proofing solution in every kit to keep your workspace dry.

Buy your Redilight kit using our online shop

Perhaps the best thing about Redilight is how easy it is to order your kit.

The step-by-step Redilight online store will guide you through the entire purchasing process from start to finish.

And if you get stuck or have a question, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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