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Skylight Alternative Powered by the Sun

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Redilight LED Skylight Alternative

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Why Redilight?

Redilight LED Skylight Alternative

Alternative Redilight’s LED Skylight Alternative captures free energy from the sun to efficiently power the smart solar powered lighting system that brightens dark spaces in the home and office without compromising on style.


Our energy-efficient lighting delivers the green credentials and money-saving benefits of solar power with the reliability and modern feel of high-quality light.


It is the clever, innovative and smart lighting solution that complements the design and décor of modern Australia.


Connect a single solar panel to multiple Skyfixtures to overcome the challenges of multi-level dwellings, complex roof lines and shadows that traditional skylights simply cannot handle.It is the clever, innovative and smart lighting solution that complements the design and décor of modern Australia.


This clever Skylight Alternative is more adaptable and less obtrusive than old-fashioned tubular skylights. From the larger, open-plan areas of the modern home and office to smaller confined spaces like hallways and bathrooms – Redilight has the light fitting to meet your needs.


Manufactured using only the highest quality components, the Redilight range is backed by our industry-leading warranties that guarantee their performance for years to come. An efficient combination of style, quality and reliability.

24/7 LIGHT

Unlike most traditional skylights, Redilight’s Skylight Alternative delivers even when the sun is down with our unrivalled smart led lighting options. Our Day-Night Kit and exciting new Sunline System enable you to simply and seamlessly alternate between power from the solar panel and the grid – either automatically or on demand.


Redilight is as proud of the environmental benefits of our solar powered lighting system as the cost-savings it delivers day-after-day. By drawing on free, renewable energy provided by the sun, homes and offices that install the Redilight Skylight Alternative are reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring a brighter future for all Australians.

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"I recently installed a Redilight 24 watt square LED Skylight Alternative and to say I’m impressed doesn’t quite do it justice. The light output and clarity is amazing!
The guys at Redilight were extremely helpful, so arranging the kit I needed was so simple. I can’t recommend and thank them enough."

SallyHome Owner - NSW

I want to say thank you.
From the one day delivery time, excellent instructions, terrific quality and light output that exceeded my expectations.
Will be recommending to everyone.
Well done.

CameronHome Owner - VIC

"I did a lot research into skylights and was going to put the tubular ones in, but seeing this product and how you can have a few lights off one panel was really good, without having to cut many hole's in the roof. I have only fitted two 24watt to start with and the change to the room was amazing. I have the day and night kit to put in on the next set which I will doing soon. Many Thanks a very good product."

MarioHome Owner - QLD

"I did heaps of research for best quality lighting ... and came across these guy's . So easy to install myself ... the end result brought a smile to my face ( and I'm very difficult to please ). I Installed 2 x 24w ceiling lights in an always dark garage, now I need sunglasses to walk through. A high quality product and no hesitation to recommend . Thanks guy's from Tuggerah office , Central coast."

VinceHome Owner - SA

"We purchased 1 x 48w, 4 x 24w and 4 x 6w from Redilight and the difference the lights have made is amazing. The 48w has converted my girls play area from dark and scary to light and bright. We have the 24w in our kitchen and dining area and the 6w in the hallway and powder room. I wish I could share the before and after pictures! Easy to follow instructions, excellent customer service and fantastic products. We are both definitely happy and are looking at purchasing more. Highly recommended!!"

LisaHome Owner - VIC
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