Redilight Hybrid Day/Night Kit

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The Day/Night kit allows you to choose between two power sources, Solar and the Grid.

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Want the ability to turn your Skyfixtures (Light) on to grid power? With the Redilight Hybrid Day/Night kit you can turn your Skyfixture(s) on to full brightness any time of the day even at night simply by flicking a switch which changes your Skyfixture(s) power source from the solar panel to the grid and back again as desired.

If you are planning on using the Hybrid Day/Night Kit with multiple Skyfixtures all you need to do is add up your total wattage for the area you plan on Day/Night switching. Please see below a table explaining what each Hybrid Day/Night Kit is capable of:

Hybrid Day/ Night Kit Wattage 75 Watt 150 Watt 250 Watt
Hybrid Day/ Night Kit Capacity Any combination of Skyfixture(s) (Lights) up to 75 Watts Any combination of Skyfixture(s) (Lights) up to 150 Watts Any combination of Skyfixture(s) (Lights) up to 250 Watts

Check out some of our wiring diagrams below for installation:

We also have additional cabling available:


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Wall Switch Options

Single Day/Night Switch, Single Day/Night with On/Off Switch