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Redilight a hit for Sydney Skylight Design business

By February 12, 2019February 7th, 20222 Comments
Sydney Skylight Design solar powered clean energy alternative

As a long-standing Redilight Distributor, Trevor Williams says his Sydney Skylight Design business receives only glowing reviews when installing Redilight’s solar-powered skylight alternatives.

Skylight Design is a Sydney-based company that offers a comprehensive natural lighting service to homeowners, builders, architects, and strata managers on the north shore and inner western suburbs of Australia’s largest city.

Williams’ Sydney Skylight Design business has been a Redilight distributor and installer since the company’s launch in 2015 – resulting in hundreds of installations across the Redilight range of solar-powered LED skylight alternative.

While Williams’ Sydney Skylight Design company also works with a number of traditional skylight products, he says the adaptability of the Redilight range enables customers to achieve outstanding lighting results where traditional skylights will simply not do the job.

“Often I have customers that want a skylight where it is simply not possible to install,” Williams explained.

“Whether it is on a lower floor with other rooms above or there are things like air-conditioning or the roof structure in the way.”

“That’s where Redilight is such a great alternative to skylights. It is a practical and cost-effective solution for many areas in the house where a skylight isn’t warranted or is just too difficult to install.”

“I often install Redilight in hallways, wardrobes and bathrooms where there are no windows and no other natural light and the customers are always very happy with the results.”

Clever Design That Complements High-End Homes

Williams highlighted the versatility of the Redilight Skyfixtures range as being a particular draw for his customers while also extolling the sleek and modern design.

With his Sydney Skylight Design clients ranging from high-end, architect designed mansions to more humble dwellings away from the harbour, he said Redilight suits every style of home.

“Without fail every customer has loved it and they rave about Redilight to friends and neighbours. I certainly get a lot of referrals from jobs I have done.”

“Redilight really holds its own with customers who have very high expectations and finely designed homes. They want a lighting solution that looks great because they have invested so much in their homes already.”

“Redilight delivers consistent and even light in a way that is just not possible with other types of skylights.”

A Cost Effective Alternative To Traditional Skylights

Williams is also quick to point out the cutting-edge design and styling of the Redilight range does not come with a hefty price tag.

He explained the Redilight range is a truly cost-effective alternative to traditional skylights and often cost less than half the price of the high-end traditional skylights he also installs for his Sydney Skylight Design business.

“Redilight really saves my customers a fortune. It is economical and low impact when it comes to installation – there are no tubes and no need to take up space in the ceiling space or the roof.”

“I am often in and out with a Redilight job in under 2 hours whereas I would often spend a whole day or two on a skylight installation.”

Considering A Sydney Skylight Design Installation?

Contact Trevor Williams at Skylight Design to organise a quote for your Redilight Skylight Alternative installation in the north shore and inner western suburbs of Sydney.

For those outside of Sydney, click here to find your nearest Redilight Solar Skylight Alternative distributor right across Australia.


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