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Redilight safety confirmed with IC4 Rating

By December 20, 2018February 7th, 2022One Comment
Redilight is the only skylight alternative with an IC4 Rating for safety

Redilight is excited to announce it is now the only LED skylight alternative in Australia with an IC-4 Rating – making Redilight the safer lighting option for your home and business.

Redilight’s range of recessed light fittings – available in all Redilight Skyfixture kits – were recently certified with the IC-4 Rating in accordance with guidelines established by Standards Australia.

The IC-4 Rating means that Redilight recessed light fittings can be safely installed without minimum clearances for normally flammable building element(s) contained in combustible areas, including ceiling spaces.

Excerpt from the AS/NZS 60598.2.2:2016

IC-4 luminaire a recessed luminaire that can be abutted against normally flammable materials, including building insulation, and can be covered in normal use. Building elements, building insulation or debris have restricted access to the heated parts of the luminaire. This classification of recessed luminaire is effectively a sealed unit that has a restricted flow of air between the habitable room the luminaire emits light into and the void/space where the main body of the luminaire is located.

Clever Design Is Also Safe Design

Redilight’s industry leading IC-4 Rating is a result of extensive research and development that complements the innovative heat-sink design in our range of recessed light fittings.

This clever design is conceived by local Australian engineers and allows for the safe and efficient disbursal of heat while the light is in operation without undue risk of ignition.

The IC-4 Rating follows world’s best practice with additional considerations specific to the needs and demands of the Australian environment.

This certification sees Redilight Skyfixtures further their reputation as a market-leader in skylight alternatives and solar-powered LED lighting solutions

Redilight Puts A Priority On Customer Safety

Redilight Director Joel Mulvenney said that Redilight is dedicated to ensuring their products are at the forefront of design and operational safety

“With Redilight’s range of recessed light fittings we are putting the safety of Australian families and businesses first and foremost.”

“We have invested in this technology to ensure our products meet the highest safety standards.”

“Non-compliant installations are an unnecessary risk to the installer and Australian households and we urge people to contact their installers to verify their installations comply with Australian standards.”

“Our team would not install recessed light fittings without an IC-4 Rating in our own homes or business. We are confident that our customers and distributors will want that same peace of mind in their installations as well.”

Are your existing light fittings IC-4 compliant?

Redilight is aware that many households and businesses may have previously installed solar-powered LED lighting that is not IC-4 compliant.

Redilight recommends property owners contact their installer, supplier or retail outlet to verify their installation and installation instructions are compliant with both Australian Electrical Standards and the Australian Building Code.

If the light fixture is not IC-4 rated it cannot be installed close to or under timber or flammable building products without the designated minimum clearances.

Redilight suggests those with concerns to request that the installer or supplier rectifies existing installation as soon as possible.

Redilight Can Advise On Your Installs

The team at Redilight is available to discuss your installations and advise on solutions that are compliant with the IC-4 safety standards.

Contact us to find out more

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