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The simple solar lighting solution for complicated roofs

By August 3, 2018April 4th, 2019No Comments
Solar lighting for complicated roofs

Redilight’s simple solar lighting solution is smart choice for home owners and landlords as Australian roof designs and spaces become increasingly complicated.

The average residential roof today is more complex than ever as the demands of design and function take up increasing space.

Additional beams, ridges and valleys, cabling, insulation, ducted air-conditioning/central heating and more means that finding space for a traditional skylight tube is next to impossible for many home-owners.

Thankfully the elegant and flexible design of Redilight’s simple solar lighting solution means it can traverse these modern obstacles to provide exceptional results in any room of the house.

Works with your roof, not against it

Redilight distributor and installer Craig Blacket from Ecohouse Skyvac is often faced with homeowners seeking a solar lighting solution but unable to accommodate the bulky design of a traditional skylight with their roof structure.

Craig says this is where Redilight’s simple solar lighting solution proves to be the smart, clean and innovative solution.

“The thing that keeps coming up again and again is that the modern roof is a very busy place both in terms of its structure and what is in the cavity,” Craig explained.

“With a traditional skylight shaft you need it to be high and straight to get the light in and, to put it simply, light just doesn’t like to bend.”

“Redilight overcomes all those issues and deliver exceptional performance. It is a very competitive product in that respect.”

Maintains your roof integrity and function

Craig also explained that even when a traditional skylight is an option, Redilight’s simple solar lighting solution delivers additional benefits – including maintaining the integrity of the roof structure.

“I did a Redilight install for a watermelon farmer and his property gets 42 degree heat in summer,” Craig explained.

“He didn’t want his roof opened to a skylight shaft because it will very quickly turn into a heat tunnel as well as a light tunnel.”

“That works the other way too in winter where there can be heat loss on cold nights.”

“So Redilight’s range of products made sense on that job and jobs like that because it doesn’t affect existing insulation or allow additional heat in or out.”

Style that suits any room of the house

Craig explained that many of his installations require accessing many areas of the house – ranging from utility areas like kitchens and living rooms, as well as small dark areas such as hallways and wardrobes.

He explained that the flexibility of Redilight’s product range, and wide range of light fitting sizes, proves it is the most adabtable and simple solar lighting solution in all circumstances.

“With the flush-mounted light fittings you can get the placement mathematically perfect in nearly every room.”

“It gives us a lot of flexibility to a lot of our problems where a shafted skylight just will not work.”

Craig added the only issue he faces is that the lights sometimes work too well – but that’s easily overcome with a few minor tweaks.

“We can turn the driver down from 24 watts to 12 watts to achieve the right result in particular rooms,” he explained.

“But with all the light fitting options, Redilight will give our customers the desired lighting effect they want – doesn’t matter if it is an older style home or a modern home.

Redilight just makes sense

Craig said the simplicity of design, elegance of installation and environmental benefits of Redilight’s simple solar lighting solution appeals to the no-nonsense mindset of Australians.

“The take-up of rooftop solar in this country is proof that Australians love a practical and reliable shortcut and Redilight achieves just that.”

“We are blessed with a lot of sunlight in this country so why not take full advantage of that in as many ways that you can.”

Redi to learn more?

Discover the amazing range of Redilight products to achieve your own simple solar lighting solution via the links below.


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