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Plenty of benefits to being a Redilight distributor

By September 3, 2018April 4th, 2019No Comments
Suppliers of solar powered lighting for homes

Working with a quality product is only part of the benefits of being a Redilight distributor – with our network delivering exceptional business-to-business understanding and support.

Our sales and technical teams understand that meeting the needs of Redilight distributors is key to ensuring as many Australians benefit from our smart solar skylight alternative range.

This means providing the same level of support for a regional Redilight distributor as those in the major cities.

Show It Off Home Improvements in the coastal Queensland town of Hervey Bay is but one Redilight distributor and installer that knows Redilight understands and responds to their needs.

With a focus on residential installations, Show It Off’s Carolyn Beel says the demand for Redilight products continues to grow and the support she receives as a Redilight distributor means she is always happy to recommend their solar skylight alternative to potential customers.

Strong links across the supply chain

Unlike their competitors, Redilight understands that not all distributors can maintain a full range of stock locally, requiring expensive investment in storage facilities.

Carolyn explains that the confidence in Redilight’s product supply means her business doesn’t have to take on the overwhelming expense of local storage.

“Because Redilight have such a wide range of panel sizes and light sizes, it would be a challenge for us if we had to keep a few of each in stock,” she said.

“But we don’t need to do that, because once we do a site inspection we place an order and it is here within a couple of days.”

“Other solar light companies take an awful long time to dispatch items to you but that’s just not the case with Redilight – we can and do rely on them and they have always been excellent.”

Support is only a phone call away

Carolyn also adds that her team of installers also sing the praises of the Redlight head office, with all enquiries met with prompt assistance and support.

“If we ever have any queries the team at Redilight are only too happy to help us out,” she explained.

“Sometimes our installers may have to double check elements of the install from a technical perspective and we just ring up Redilight and get the answer then and there.”

“They really know who we are and take a genuine interest in our role as a Redilight distributor. It really is excellent customer service that we can then use to benefit our customers as well.”

Installs are just as simple

However, it is not just the supply and assistance that leaves Redilight’s competition for dead.

Carolyn says the simplicity and flexibility of the Redilight range means home-owners making the switch to Redilight do not experience the inconvenience of an ongoing build that comes with a traditional skylight.

“Our guys have installed a lot of Redilight’s products and it is really very quick and very simple since we don’t have to cut through the roof and deal with leaks and structural issues.”

“With a single panel and single light install our guys are in-and-out within 45 minutes at the most. We often will send two guys to install and that can sometimes take only 20 minutes.”

“Our customers really appreciate that. They can get on with the rest of their day and our guys are off to the next job. It benefits everyone.”

Guarantees that warrant confidence

But the benefits don’t end there for a Redilight distributor and installer such as Show It Off.

Carolyn said one of the most popular elements with Redilight’s range of products is their unrivalled warranties – a 7 year guarantee on the solar panel and a 5 year guarantee on the light fitting.

As a distributor and installer that provides exceptional confidence for her when recommending Redilight to home-owners and renovators.

“Like anything, there are a lot of competing products but Redilight’s warranty makes it incredibly attractive to our customers.”

“Some other brands only have a one-year warranty. So when our customers compare the two products there is just no comparison.”

“They quickly recognise that Redilight is the way to go and we feel the same way. It really is an easy-sell for our business and a no-brainer for our customers.”

Interested in becoming a Redilight distributor?

Contact our friendly staff now to discover how you can become part of the team.


Show It Off Home Improvements
1/97 Old Maryborough Road
Pialba QLD 4655
07 4124 3022

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