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Introducing the new 1200×300 Rectangular Skyfixture

By May 3, 2019February 7th, 2022No Comments
48 watt Rectangular LED

Redilight is excited to unveil our brand new 1200×300 Rectangular Skyfixture – the latest option in our ever-expanding range of solar-powered skylight alternatives.

The 48 watt LED Skyfixture efficiently delivers clear, crisp 5000k light to suit the needs of modern Australian homes and businesses.

Give your home that architectural look by installing the 1200×300 Rectangular Skyfixture in open plan areas like kitchens, living rooms and entertaining areas; or utilise it in large commercial settings such as offices, schools, lobbies and community halls.

The 1200×300 Rectangular Skyfixture’s sleek, low profile design gives you the option of a recessed or surface mounted installation – delivering the perfect look for any application and any ceiling style.

It can also be paired with Redilight’s range of smart options including Day-Night Kit and Remote Control.

Like the entire range of Redilight Skyfixtures, the new 1200×300 also comes with an IC4 Rating in accordance with guidelines established by Standards Australia – providing peace of mind when installing in ceiling spaces with combustible materials such as insulation.

Further mounting options will be available in future as part of Redilight’s dedication to continual innovation.

Technical information is available on our Data Sheets page.

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