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Introducing the new look ‘Redilight’ – a smart LED Skylight Alternative!

By October 4, 2018April 4th, 2019No Comments
Redilight logo

We are delighted to announce that REDi-lite Pty Ltd now has a brand new look and will now be known as ‘Redilight’ – an exciting rebrand ahead of our fifth year as Australia’s favourite smart LED skylight alternative.

While our look will change, distributors and customers can rest assured that the new look Redilight will continue to be driven by the same dedication to quality, reliability and innovation that has gained their trust since our launch in 2014.

The change of name will be accompanied by a sleek logo and graphics across all of Redilight’s marketing and technical documentation.

Our new designs feature a striking colour scheme that reflects Redilight’s product range of smart LED Skylight Alternatives & Solar Powered Lighting Systems – blue and yellow representing the sky and the sun’s rays that power our solar panels, and white representing the crisp illumination delivered by every Redilight LED light fitting.

A new look Redilight website, online shopping portal and enhanced social media experience will also be rolled out in the coming months.

There are also exciting new innovations in our product line being developed to further complement the new look Redilight.

So why did we make the change?

Director, Joel Mulvenney, said the company’s management and technical teams acted upon feedback from customers and distributors as part of delivering the new look Redilight.

“We believe it is important to listen to those that use our product to ensure our business continues to be the best it can be,” Mulvenney explained.

“The reason for the new look is simple – we want to make it easier for people to find us online and immediately recognise that Redilight is a solar lighting company.”

“We are genuinely excited by the new look Redilight and believe our loyal customers and distributors will be as well.”

The future is bright for the new-look Redilight

He added that the Redilight rebranding also sets the platform for the product line to continue its push into new markets as the benefits of Redilight’s hybrid solar skylight alternative generates increasing buzz across Australia and overseas.

“Our hybrid solar skylight alternative has certainly made an impact in the Australian market and we are working diligently to expand our distribution network right across the country,” Mulvenney explained.

“We are also seeing overseas customers being just as impressed with its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and modern styling.”

“Anywhere the sun shines – from Byron Bay to Bunbury, from Darwin to Devonport – the new look Redilight really is the efficient and modern alternative to traditional skylights.”

Payment & billing details will not be affected by the change in trading name and the company will continue as REDi-lite Pty.

Current emails and contact details will continue for a further few months to make the transition easy.

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